Strengthening Your Design Journey with Brand Coaching: A Case Study with Your Home Concierge


Beginning a partnership with a brand designer is a commitment on many levels, and sometimes that can be hard, well, to commit to. Not only do you have to place your trust in the expertise of the designer to deliver quality work, but you also have to trust them with the heart of your brand during a transition period of your business journey.

In a way, you’re trusting a (usually) stranger with something incredibly near and dear to your heart — your business. I get it. This trusting, open, and vulnerable part of this partnership that I develop with my clients is one of the aspects of what I do that I love the most.

Because of the open, trusting nature of the partnerships I have with clients, I’m able to provide more than just a fresh website design, logo, or print materials. I’m able to step in where my clients are at in their business journey and offer brand and business guidance as well. It’s kind of like coaching for your brand!

Recently, I partnered with Your Home Concierge to do just that. Your Home Concierge is an online service company that provides customers with affordable home management solutions, and when they came to me, they were just beginning their business journey.

The Challenge

Their biggest challenge initially was a need to develop a brand that reflected their ultimate mission and vision for their audience and clients. They also had no logo, identity, website, or brand presence at all, so we were beginning with a blank slate.

They began their company because they recognized a need that called for their personal expertise, but they were struggling with how to get a cohesive look for their brand experience and how to bring their vision of who they are and what their company represents to life.

The Process

Through my initial onboarding and general discovery process, we worked together to uncover their ultimate goal that would provide clear direction for our branding journey together.

That goal was to help their audience and clients manifest a calm life by maintaining their home well. Their mission statement is: to help families reduce the stress of maintaining their home so they can focus on enjoying life and family instead of spending time on home maintenance.

Everything they do, say, create, and put out in front of their audience and clients should support that mission and provide a stepping stone toward that goal for anyone who interacts with their brand.

Many people may feel like you need to have a clear understanding of your ultimate mission and vision for your brand before you ever begin the branding journey, but let me tell you — this discovery portion is part of the journey itself, and I’m here to help guide you through it!

The Finished Product

After working through the discovery process and uncovering their ultimate goal, it’s my job to bring it all together into an overall brand that makes sense and appeals to potential clients. I brought together the themes of home and time to create a logo that portrays a clean, well-running home while also saving time.

The color scheme, fonts, logo, photos, and patterns work together across all elements (both print and web) to represent a calm, organized, and well-maintained home. I also created icons that relate to the different areas of the home that require maintenance visits that help tie their branding together across their website.

Along with a cohesive brand package, I didn’t leave them hanging when it comes to the tech side of things. I always include a Brand Style Guide that includes visuals and breakdowns of all elements from start to finish, how the navigation of all website pages works, how to set up business email accounts, how and where they can process printed materials, and everything else needed to get their brand up and running.

I loved working with Your Home Concierge to help bring their brand to life! They now have a strong and consistent brand presence both online and in print, and — bonus — their business has completely taken off and they’re no longer accepting new clients!

If you’re ready to bring your dream brand to life, too (no matter where you are in your business journey), I would love to guide you. This is one of my favorite parts of what I do! Learn more about brand + website design here or contact me here to get started.

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