Why You Need Thank You Notes for Your Business

Thank you notes are key to showing the authenticity of your business. You may not even remember the last time you got a thank you note. But that’s why they make such a difference for the authenticity of your business - not many people mail or hand out cards anymore!

A while back, I wrote a post about an experience where a simple thank you can go a long way. I was at my local Starbucks and the barista handed me a gift card with my coffee and said, “This is because you were so sweet yesterday. Most people aren’t that nice in the mornings.”

Wow. All I had done was made eye contact with her the day before and said, “Thank you. I really appreciate it and I hope you have a great day." And all she did was buy me a latte. But this shows that these little details really can (and do!) make a difference.

Yes, you can write it in a text or in an email. But let’s take it further and go the extra mile. Maybe this thinking is a result of my work within a greeting card company for six years, where employees handed out handwritten notes and cards all the time to thank me or someone else for a job well done.

Why You Should Send a Thank You Note

What I learned from my experience working within a greeting card company (and recognized after working there) is that I missed those notes and cards that randomly landed on my chair or desk. Something as simple as a thank you card became commonplace (but still lovely!), and this is all the more reason why thank you cards are important for your business. They mean way more because most of us don’t get them frequently (or at all!).

Sending a physical note to a client, customer, or vendor (or friend) could really bring the true meaning of gratitude to you and your business.

Do you not have any on hand?

Well, you are in luck because I've created an editable template for you to modify, save, and then take to your local FedEx Office (my favorite quick print place to get this job done - you could go to any local print shop!) to get printed, cut, and scored (folded).

Use this free template to add your logo and a simple phrase that shows your gratitude (Thanks, Thank you, Many Thanks, etc.) and you are good to go.

get cards printed quickly

This can be done within 48 hours (depending on the wait time at your local print store). If you’re using FedEx (or most other major printers), the art can be uploaded to their website where you can pick your nearest location and then set a pick-up time. They have great customer service and will notify you when your order is ready.

So easy! This is something that can be done simply, but makes such an impact on your business. I’m going to make it even easier on you by sharing a FREE template that you can use to make your own cards!

Click the button below to get the Dropbox link to it now.