3 Ways to Reuse Instagram Graphic Templates

There’s a lot of talk on the internet about having a “theme” for your Instagram (and other social media) profile. While it seems like a lot of unnecessary work, there’s a reason why businesses and brands and even just the average user does it… staying on brand is key to building your social media following!

As they’re scrolling through their feeds, your followers will know it’s you as soon as your quote template comes up. Same for when they’re tapping through their Instagram stories and they see your beautifully-branded template come across their screen! It’s worth it, I promise.

If you want to start incorporating your own fonts and images and testimonials and quotes into your social media feeds to share a consistent visual brand identity (and you should!), Photoshop is the quickest way to do so.

You can create ONE layered file, simply change what you need at any given time, and then save the separate flattened files to pop into your feed as you wish! You could do this as a batch while you’re planning your social media content by month or quarter, or it’s easy enough to make changes that you can do it within a few minutes if you’re more of a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants type.

You can either create your own by reading my previous post with a Step-by-Step Breakdown for Creating Instagram Quote Templates OR you simply can download my FREE template by clicking the button below.

Yes, I created the template for quotes, but it can be used in any way that you wish involving ANY text you want to share. It’s really versatile. The possibilities are endless!

So many social media platforms that we use for posting images have different sizes of graphics that change every few months. It can be frustrating, even for a designer!

For this reason and to keep things simple for you, oh busy business owner, I highly recommend using my square template design for more than only Instagram. With my universal square template for Instagram, you can use it in 3 MORE ways than just for one app! Here’s how:

1. Post image on Facebook.

Add your own little caption and then post the SAME picture to Facebook on your personal or business page (OR you can share it directly from your Instagram app by connecting the accounts - one less step for you!). Most folks like one app more than another so this is a great way to get the same content in front of those who aren’t yet on Instagram.

2. Place image into a blog post.

It will look nice both on a mobile and desktop device. Then folks can share the post with the image onto their own pages and social media. This way, you can get even more people to your site to read the valuable information that you’re sharing.

3. Post image to your Pinterest page

If you have a collection of images you have created from the square template that represents your brand identity well, what better place to include them than Pinterest? People can then see them all in one place - maybe you have a board of testimonial quotes - and get a true feel for what you are into.

Bonus idea! Combine numbers two and three above and place an image into your blog post and then share it to your Pinterest page! By doing so, you will link to the post in yet another area for potential new visitors to stop by your website.

Ready to get started? Let’s hop to it! Get my FREE template by clicking the button below.

You can do this! Feel free to reach out to me at any time with questions or concerns. I’m here to help!