What Inspired Me to Become a Designer

Drawing and making art were my favorite things to do as a kid. When I was five years old, my dad built me a large drawing desk out of particle board with two ‘wings’ that folded up and down for drawing on one side and storage underneath. I would sit at this table for hours with paper and markers and crayons, just creating.


My mom took notice and signed me up for private drawing lessons after school around middle school age. It was mostly realistic-style teaching, but it made me look at objects and lighting so differently.

After that I always had a sketch book that I dabbled in on the regular.

My high school was so tiny that it didn’t have an art class, but eventually I had the opportunity to take an art class from another school using TV systems. One of our assignments was to design our own stationery, and I loved it! That’s when I learned what graphic design was.

I decided to pursue graphic design as my career, and worked really hard in college to get my degree. In year four when I learned about the concept and theories of branding, I was immediately hooked. I loved that these successful companies whose logos I had seen everywhere had a much larger strategy behind them. Over the years, more and more trust was given to these companies and design had a role in that. Design could be beautiful AND strategic at the same time. Genius!

What I also learned along the way in those college years was that my relationships with other art students was so valuable. We each had different skill levels and personalities, but the best part was we were all motivated by each other to create and to be smart about it. The long hours and shared class time bonded us and strengthened our skills throughout our time together.

Now that I’m in the working world, I’m still fascinated and challenged by other designers and design genres. From packaging to landscaping to interior design to furniture-making to florals to even hair and makeup styling, we are surrounded by incredible artists on a daily basis. I love the inspiration each brings to visual communication in their own way, and am so grateful to be a part of this ever-evolving industry!

What industry do you work in? Do you have a “catalyst moment” that started your passion? Tell me about it in the comments below!