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Are you booking new design clients?
Yes! I’m booking client projects for 2019. If you would like to connect with me, scroll down and send me a message OR click here to schedule a call on a day and time that works best for you.

What do I get at the end of the project?
Depending on your needs, you will get a full color logo, an all-black logo and an all-white logo in files both for printing and for web use. You will also get all the elements of your brand guide pdf. This includes color formulas, pattern files, photography files (if applicable). The brand pdf is something you can keep with you and forward to other print/web designers as needed for reference. Even if they only need your logo, I recommend sending the entire guide in case they have any questions regarding logo use, color, etc. I will provide all native files for you to have on hand.

Do we have to live in the same city to work together?
Nope! My business is mostly run online. So we can meet virtually via video or simply phone call with email. I've worked with clients near and far using all of these options. We would communicate via email, phone call, and video call. All artwork would be sent via email.

What file types do I use for printing?
Vector files are best. CMYK color mode.
File extensions:
.jpg (as a last resort)

What file types do I use for the web (fb, tw, ig, pin)?
Raster files. RGB color mode.

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Do you send artwork to the printer or do I?
I have several print shop relationships and am able to quote and ship directly to you. However, I am more than happy to work with a printer you already have a relationship with. I will provide files for you to send or I can send them the artwork directly. 

How long will it take to launch?
With design and feedback and approvals, the full process is approximately 8 weeks.

Are your services available after the project is completed?
Yes. I actually want to work with you after we complete the project! I offer a retainer contract for most clients upon completion of the brand design.


Do you work with any other website hosting platforms besides Squarespace?
I have the resources to work with a team to create a fully customizable website utilizing Adobe Catalyst. If you need a site that involves more than what Squarespace can offer, I am able to work with them to get you what you need.

What are my hosting & domain payment options?
Credit card. You can typically choose between monthly or annual payments. (See for website and/or domain host pricing.)

What is the cost after launch?
The main costs after launch will be for your domain host, email host and website host. These will be set up with your credit card information so you will own the accounts and renewals.

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