Top 5 Podcasts I Can't Get Enough of This Summer

Top Five Podcasts I Can't Get Enough of This Summer |

Podcasts have been all-the-rage lately, and I’m soaking it in! I love how you can listen to everything and anything, from true crime stories, advice for entrepreneurs, fictional narratives - the options are endless. There is something for literally everyone! 

Listening to podcasts while you work around the house - even during business housekeeping tasks - can be a great way to add some entertainment and a boost of productivity during those fringe hours of your day.

Since I’ve also been on the podcast train lately, I wanted to share a handful of the shows that have been in my queue. Though most of these recommendations are business and art related, I think they all have themes that anyone can enjoy and glean wisdom from.

Here are the top five podcasts that I can’t get enough of this summer:


This podcast is hosted by Gretchen Rubin (who you might know from her best-selling books The Happiness Project or Better Than Before) and her sister, Elizabeth Craft. These sisters share practical tips for happiness and good habits and it feels like you’re just listening in on their conversations as they catch up on each other's lives.

I would recommend this show to anyone who wants to make their life a little happier (which is pretty much everyone, I think!) They have great advice that can usually be implemented right away. I love to listen to this while I’m getting ready in the morning, doing dishes, or out on a walk.

Creative Pep Talk

Andy J. Miller (illustrator and all-around cool guy) is the host and shares his advice while also interviewing creative people. The conversations mainly focus on how to blend (art)work and business. This is a great one for freelancers, creative entrepreneurs, and all artists!

Like the name, I do feel pepped up when I listen to his talks that tell me to not give up as an artist. He interviews artists I admire and creates custom illustrations for each episode cover, which is a wonderful touch. One reason I might like this podcast so much may be connected to my days as a cheerleader ;)

On Purpose with Jay Shetty

Jay spent five years living as a monk (crazy, right?!) and has a lot of wisdom to share. He interviews so many interesting people (everyone from Chrissy Metz to Russell Brand) and they share their insight on topics like gratitude and self-reflection. I recommend this show to anyone who likes listening to positive and uplifting stories.

His approach makes me want to do better and be more productive. He has a very positive vibe and reminds me to reflect on gratitude every day. I love hearing about his experience as a monk and spending time in silence. He doesn’t dwell on it a ton but does mention the relevance of his time before, during, and after that season of his life.

“There is a podcast for literally everyone!”

Drunk on Lettering

This show is hosted by two badass female designers in California who run a design business, but also interview other designers and artists — while drinking! They describe this show as one part informative, one part entertaining, and one part cheese. I love it! If you want to feel like you’re out for drinks with a few designers who are sharing their random thoughts and silliness, you’ll probably like this.

I enjoy their quirky style and appreciate a good conversation with other artists over a cocktail. They have client project situations similar to mine and I appreciate their insights on what has worked for them in running their own business. Also, they ask other designers (in a rapid-fire set of questions) what is their favorite and least favorite letters to draw.

Fat Mascara

Two beauty editors share their likes and dislikes for beauty projects like skincare, makeup, hair, fragrances, and more on this podcast. This show gives me a break from the business podcasts. I’m interested in beauty products in general, so I love listening to them and their interviews with many, many creators of products in their industry. They get the first scoop on products before they hit the market and share their honest feedback. Also, I’ve purchased a couple of things they highly recommend to use on myself!

These five recommendations should add quite a few episodes to your queue! I’ve loved adding podcasts into my daily routine and I hope that you’ll enjoy these too.

Do you have some favorite podcasts that I need to try? Let me know in the comments so I can check them out!

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